Sourdough Mountain

Sourdough Mountain is a great hike to some of the best views in the North Cascades. The trailhead, at Diablo, is at only 900'. The route goes up the south side of the mountain and so it melts out early. There is a lookout on the summit. The trail is steep but switchbacks at a reasonable grade. These are some of the reasons to do this trip. The only reason not to do it is the 5200' gain. This is not a hike for those in less than good shape. My one trip up was back in 1994. I convinced Kathleen to join me. I don't think she had ever gained that much elevation in one day but she did just fine. Due to the elevation gain the trail was not crowded even in July. My overwhelming memory is of endless switchbacks through deep forest. I recall coming to a creek in more open terrain and finding several groups camping there. Beyond the creek the way was much more in the open. Thus far the views were mostly to the south.

We hit snow just before the ridge top. Boot prints made it easy to find the route there after. From the ridge top the views became spectacular. Although the summit is just under 6000' it seemed as if all of the North Cascades were visible. We were fortunate to have a sunny day and spent a long lunch on the summit. It has been nearly nine years since my visit and another is well over due. Round trip was 11 miles with 5200' gained. Below are pictures from the hike.

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