Three Year Anniversary

Time really flies. This site was born on March 26, 2002. For those with a strong stomach here is what it originally looked like: Pastels? What was I thinking?

I can plead ignorance because I really was clueless about web pages. Of course, I didn't let a little thing like absolutely no knowledge of HTML stand in my way. Instead I just plowed ahead and got started. It is still not the best looking site on the internet but the content has really grown. An inventory showed these statistics:

Trip Reports 2001 -  02
Trip Reports 2002 -  39
Trip Reports 2003 -  49
Trip Reports 2004 -  42
Trip Reports 2005 -  10
Total Reports        -142

Features                - 20
Photos              - 3,019

These last three years have been among the very best of the 22 years I have been on the trail. I have had an opportunity to see new trails and meet many new people. I would like to thank you all. I can only hope that in my next 22 years of hiking this site will grow into something really special. Please keep checking back here to see it grow.

Jim Kuresman - 3/29/05