The Year In Review

2022 turned out to be a fantastic hiking year for me. In 2020 with Covid hitting, I barely made it over 800 miles and 200,000' of elevation gain.2021 was a better year had two more days on the trail and slightly more miles and gain. 2022 started out very strong with 87 miles and 17,900' of gain. I was off to a very good start. February was my worst month for miles and gain and the next few months were good but not great. Then came May. In May, I hiked 101 miles with 24,900' of gain. A good start suddenly became a great start. It was my first 100 mile month since December 2018. That was a 3 year 5 month gap. It was also my biggest elevation gain month since the same December 2018. It would not be my best month of the year for either category. I reached the halfway point of the year with 484 miles. That is on pace for 968 miles. My second best year ever was 960 miles.

In July I had a number of continuing education courses to take and pass. I also had my every three year office audit at the start of August. There was no backpacking and few all day long hikes. I did a number of early morning weekend hikes where I was home early to get to work. The result was my second worst mileage month of the year with only 69 miles.  August was good and September below average. After nine months I was at 719 miles. I was on pace for 958 miles. I was almost on pace for my second most miles but the last three months are shorter and wetter days. I still had a shot.

In October I hiked 89 miles with 20,100' of gain. I really good October. In November I hiked 120 miles with 25,500' of gain. That beat my best ever November by 35 miles. That was my best month since August 2014 when I hiked 121 miles. That month had a 46 miles backpacking trip. The days were short and the weather lousy but I hike 11 days. After a great start to November I realized that not only could I reach 961 miles for my second best year, I had a real shot at only by second 1,000 year in 40 years of hiking. I hiked in the rain and the mud and the wind. By the end of the month I needed only 72 miles to reach 1,000'. December had worse weather. I slowed down but on the last day of the year I went over 1,000 miles to 1,006. My 244,000' of gain was my fourth beset ever. 107 days on the trail set a new recored by one hike. It really turned out to be a great hiking year.

Each year I set out to hike 10 new trails or trail segments. I usually come in just over that level. This year I hiked 20. That is the most in a long time. After 40 years of recording my hikes, it is hard to find that many first time hiked trails.

While I do not set specific mileage targets each year, I do try to hike at least 800 miles and go over 200,000' of gain. 600 miles is a good year. 800 is a very good year. In 2022 I reached 800 miles for the thirteenth consecutive year and seventeenth time ever. I reached 200,000' of gain for the twentieth consecutive year and twenty second time ever.

One goal I do have is to gain at least 10,000' each month. If I am doing that, I will stay in good hiking shape. That streak reached 17 year and 4 months or 208 months. Ironically, the last month I did not gain 10,000' was August 2005. August is usually one of my best months.

This website, Hiking Northwest, continues to grow. On March 26, 2022 it reached its 20th Anniversary. A lot of hiking websites have come and gone in that time. This one just keeps growing. On August 22 I posted trip report number 1000. That is an average of just under one trip report per week for twenty years. Considering how much time goes into one trip report with 30 or so annotated photos, that is a little startling to me.

I set a new record in 2022 with 60 trip reports, all with photos. That beat my previous record by two reports. It is a lot of work to average more than one trip report per week.

This was the thirteenth year I have been doing after work hikes with Gary, John, and David. Gary was out of commission from August to near the end of the year with an injury but the after work hikes continued. They are a major reason I have been able to keep up the 800 miles years while being employed full time.

On the downside, I did not get in a single backpacking trip. Work interfered in July and early August. Gary being unavailable contributed. That was really my only disappointment.

Well, enough of that. It is time to review my year month by month and look at my Top 10 Hikes of the year.

I hiked 9 days in January. I started strong with seven trip reports. I started the year close in on Cougar Mt. and Grand Ridge. Next came a Tiger Mountain trip where I sawed out many logs. Gary and I did a flat ski trip on the grade near Hyak. We also did a one way trip across Rattlesnake Mt. I also did a 12 mile loop on Tiger Mountain. For the month I hiked 87 miles with 17,900' of elevation gain. Those are very good numbers for a January.

In February I had 7 trips. Three of them had trip reports. I headed north for another Chuckanut Mt. - Rock Trail loop. I did a loop around South Tiger Mt. Gary and I had a fantastic ski trip to Amabilis Mt. Fresh snow and sunshine.  For the month I hiked only 62 miles with 15,600' of gain.

In March I had 9 trips.This month only 4 hikes had trip reports. I did a new loop over Middle &East Tiger Mt. using the new Side Hustle Trail. Gary took me north for four new trails in one day on Fidalgo Island. We also skied to Windy Pass. Three was my most ski trips in 5 years. For the month I hiked 83 miles with 19,300' of gain.

I had another strong month with 8 hikes. Six trips rated trip reports. To start, I took a route on Squak Mt. for the first time. Gary & I did an 11 mile after work hike on Tiger in 75 degree warmth. We snowshoed to Kendall Peak Lakes.  My binding broke. I did another trip on Squak Mt. on new to me trails. Kim joined me for chocolate lilies on Cougar Mt. I finished the month with a Fragrance Lake-Rock Trail Loop that included a new viewpoint trail. For the month I hiked 69 miles with 17,200' of gain. It tied my second lowest mileage month.

I hiked 11 days in May. That tied for the most in a month. 5 trips had trip report. It was a terrific month. I started with a 16 mile loop to Wallace & Jay Lakes. Janet and I met Barry for a trip to the Horse Lake area near Wenatchee. Wildflowers and open ridges. Next, Kim and I headed to Blanchard Mt. & Oyster Dome. Wildflowers and few people. Gary & I took another trip to Diablo Lake. This time we went on and across Ross Dam. Calypso Orchid spectacular. Kim & I finished the month with great wildflowers at Exclamation Point Rock. For the month I hiked 101 miles with 24,900' of elevation gain. My best month in over 3 years

Only 3 of my 8 trips have trip reports. After three close in hikes, Gary and I headed east to Ingalls Creek. More great wildflowers. On the way back we detoured to WF Teanaway to see a great bitterroot display. Next was the most difficult trip of the year. The Devil's Gulch-Mission Ridge Loop is 17 miles with 3800' of gain. Great wildflower hike again. Gwen and I went to Tronsen Ridge for yet another great wildflower display.  I hiked 82 miles with 23,100' of elevation gain.

 For the month I had 8 trips. 4 have trip reports. 
Granite Lakes was a good choice. Solitude at the lower lake. My first trip up from Exit 42. We went to both Bandera summits. Great beargrass display. I went to Grand Prospect and saw major logging atop West Rattlesnake Mt. Gary and I went to Little Mt. St. Helens and scrambled to Scout Patrol Peak. I ended the month with my first visit to Mt. Peak near Enumclaw. For July I hiked 69 miles with 17,000' of gain.

The month had 10 trips and 5 had trip reports. We started with a trip to the Kendall Katwalk. On the way down Gary slipped and tore his hamstring. He was out for most of the rest of the year.
Janet and I did a bike/hike trip to Gobblers Knob lookout at Mt. Rainier. My first visit. John, Kim, & Gwen joined me for a trip to Rainbow & Blazer Lakes. It was trip report number 1000. I finished the month with an old favorite trip. I hiked to Iron and Bean Peaks. Solitude and views in the Teanaway. For August I hiked 89 miles with 25,100' of gain.

4 of my 8 trips have trip reports. A 13 mile trip up Mt. Teneriffe tied most elevation gain at 4400'. It was a long day. Wildfire smoke sent me underground for a hike in the Snoqualmie Tunnel. John joined me for the most spectacular trip of the year. It had been 8 years since my last visit to Cascade Pass & Sahale Arm
Fall colors and views from high up in the North Cascades. We saw several bears. John and I headed up for more views from Mt. Dickerman. The clearest day I have had there in many years. For the month I hiked 77 miles with 21,600'

I hiked 10 times and 7 have trip reports. Kim and I headed north for another Blanchard Hill-Oyster Dome hike. A 70 degree October day. Janet and I made the long drive to see larch trees at Cutthroat Pass. It was crazy crowded parking for Maple Pass. Great larch display. I did a 12 mile loop on Cougar Mountain. It was 82 degrees on 10-16. Warm sunny October day. I was driven back into the Snoqualmie Tunnel by heavy rain. I finished the month with Kim at Grand Prospect. On 10-29 I reached 800 miles for the year. For the month I hiked  89 miles with 20,100' of gain.


I hiked 11 days in November and only 4 merited a trip report. John and I started with a 10 mile headlamp hike on Tiger Mt. I went back to Wallace & Jay Lakes for a 17 mile loop. Tied for my longest hike of the year. It was a cool sunny November day. Next, it was John's turn for a hike to Granite Lakes. I was looking for more miles and went back to my long Highway 18 to East Tiger trip. 15 miles is a long hike when days are very short. For the month I hiked 120 miles with 25,500' of elevation gain. They were the highest in any month this year.


I hiked 8 days and 5 had trip reports. The race for 1000 miles was on. All but one of my trips were close to Seattle. I managed to get 14 miles on a hike at Coal Creek & Cougar Mt. Janet and I snowshoed the Deer Creek Road. Lots of trail breaking. We did not make it to Kelcema Lake. John joined me for a one way trip from Sunset to High Point over Tiger 1. It added 11 more miles. Gary was back for a 10 mile hike at Coal Creek & Cougar Mt. For the 39th time in the past 40 years I ended the year with a hike on Tiger Mt. Gary and John joined me. On the trip I went over 1000 miles for the year.  For the month I hiked 78 miles with 16,700' of elevation gain.

 My Top 10 Trips Of 2022
01. Cascade Pass - Sahale Arm
02. Cutthroat Pass
03. Devil's Gulch - Mission Ridge
04. Iron - Bean Peaks

05. Amabilis Mountain
Ingalls Creek - WF Teanaway
07. Gobblers Knob
08. Mt. Dickerman
09. Bandera Summits
10. Rainbow & Blazer Lakes

All Trips - 2022